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    Mike Easley’s

    The No-Øs of Leadership

    Aspirations on being a Leader Worth Following from a 20-year journey as an electric cooperative CEO

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    Mike Easley’s

    The No-Øs of Leadership

    Aspirations on being a Leader Worth Following from a 20-year journey as an electric cooperative CEO

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    The No-Øs of Leadership

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About the Author

Mike Easley is the CEO of Powder River Energy Corporation (PRECorp), a role he has held since 2000. Prior to joining PRECorp, Mike had worked for various other electric cooperatives in the USA. He holds an MBA from the Ken Blanchard School of Business and Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona and a BS degree in Electrical Engineering.

Mike has been coaching and developing executives for over two decades while, at the same time, continuing his own personal growth journey.


Leadership Must-knows

About the book

Throughout this book, Mike Easley shares leadership stories and relates them to the No-Øs and their antidotes – self-awareness and empathy – to help you to start looking at both leadership challenges and successes through that lens.

Written in three parts, this book discusses each one in a different stage on that leadership continuum. In Part 1, you’ll begin exploring the idea of self-leadership.


Self-awareness and empathy antidotes

No-Øs of Leadership

If a leader makes a decision out of ego, that decision will typically put the leader at the center of it. An ego-based decision isn’t looking out for or serving the organization and is all about the leader. True leadership is a desire to serve, not to be served.
This can be thought of as decisions to engage in inappropriate relationships in the workplace. But if you scale it up, libido is about a leader using their power inappropriately. Make sure there isn’t an attraction to something or someone that’s driving your decision.
A decision driven by dinero is one that’s serving the leader financially. The important question here is, ‘Is there a financial or other reward to me personally by making this decision that is hidden and not a normal part of performance compensation?’
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Order your copy today and begin a journey to a professional, as well as personal, transformation. People working through relationship issues may find the leadership skills in the No-Øs of Leadership helpful, especially when presented in the continuum of leading self, leading teams, and leading organizations. If you aspire to be a Leader Worth Following, this book is guaranteed to be inspiring with Mike's interesting stories, lived experiences and incredible insight.

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